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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a photographer?

I've been shooting seriously for roughly 5 years, 2 years full-time.



What camera do you use?

I use a Canon T5I.

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes, I shoot intimate and boutique weddings. Please email me for packages.



Do you shoot videos?

Yes, I shoot videos, please refer to my Services tab .

Why are your sessions so much?

My sessions are priced accordingly, they include prep work, shoot time, plus post processing as well as the equipment I need to get the job done. I take what I do very seriously and care a great deal about pleasing my clients.  My work ethic is remarkable and your experience  will be one of a kind and well worth it.



How do you choose a location?

I like to pair the location with the personality of the clients, their needs and the overall feel that they are seeking. I love natural light, vibrant and deep colors with dramatic backdrops and there are most of those elements in my images.


How do I book a session?

Just send me an email and I'll contact you with further information. Once your date is selected, contract signed and fee paid, you're set!


What should I expect on the day of the shoot?

Just be yourself! A photo shoot is supposed to be fun, so don't worry! I'll walk you through everything should you have anxiety.


How long is the turn around time?

Head shots take 5-7 days

Portraits 7-10 days

Events 5-7 days


Videos are upon request

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